Welcome to Illustration magazine. We hope you enjoy it. This new magazine was first conceived through a chance conversation in a bookshop in February 2004.

Since then we have begged, bribed and borrowed talent from a wide variety of sources, struggled to come to terms with budgets and talked to as many people in as many relevant fields as possible in a few short months. If we have missed you out, and you would like to be involved, please get in touch with us at

The aim of the magazine is simple. We wanted a general magazine about illustration - the artists, the collectors, the collections, the exhibitions, the history, the philosophy and the key events relating to this subject. We wanted to discuss the work of great artists from the past as well as new graduates currently coming out of college. We wanted to explore childrenís book illustrators alongside those who work on adult novels and classics - or even political manifestos and train timetables. We wanted to consider the humorous, the serious, the sinister and the surreal.

And we believe we share these wishes with a wide range of people from book collectors and dealers, to lecturers, professional illustrators, book publishers, fine press printers, bookbinders and current students.

Weíve done our best to fulfil this wide brief NOW itís your turn. Please let US know what you think, what you love and what you hate! Most of all, if you like what you see and you think itís useful, tell your friends and your colleagues and get them to take out a subscription.

We already owe a huge debt of thanks to the many groups and individuals who have supported us from the outset. We hope we will owe far more by this time next year.